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"It shouldn't matter what your zip code is - if you're a child in Arizona you deserve our absolute best." - Governor Ducey, January 2015

The Arizona Public Schools Achievement District was created to ensure every child in Arizona, regardless of where they live, will have access to a quality public school. The Achievement District aims to expand and increase access to high-quality public schools statewide increase access for all Arizona students.

Arizona has many high-quality public schools. Resources available for the Achievement District will prioritize expansion and replication of our state's top-performing public district and charter schools - schools that are at capacity and have waiting lists – through targeted financial support. Expansion is defined by expanding quality seats at existing "A"-rated schools, opening new schools, or partnering with low-performing schools to replicate "A" school practices. Investing in schools that have effectively leveraged funds towards proven student outcomes and can share their best practices will ultimately increase the number of high-quality schools across the state.

Just as Arizona has witnessed educational success in many schools and programs statewide, it has also seen too many programs that are failing our students. The Achievement District will focus on creating partnerships between successful education programs and under-performing schools, allowing "A" schools to provide mentorship and guidance to schools on the path to achieving success. When we see excellence, we should look to understand and replicate that success.


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