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New Credit Enhancement Awards Will Help Schools Expand, Provide Space For 1,400 More Students
April 28, 2017

In an effort to help our schools expand, the Public School Credit Enhancement Board this week issued expansion awards to the Academy of Math and Science (AMS) and the Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center.


AMS was awarded $24.8 million for two projects. New enrollment is projected to increase by 600 students at AMS Camelback and 250 students at MASSA in South Tucson.

Arizona Equine

AAEC was awarded $17 million for construction of a new campus in Mesa, which is projected to increase enrollment capacity by 260 and for the expansionof its current campus at Estrella Mountain, expected to add 300 students.

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The Achievement District Member Schools Program facilitates partnerships to help “A”-rated schools provide mentorship and guidance to underperforming schools on the path to achieving success. Best practices shared by Member Schools will also be collected and communicated to schools throughout the state. 


To qualify as a Member School, you must demonstrate the following criteria:

  1. The assignment of a letter grade of A, or an equivalent successor classification, pursuant to section 15-241. (To find out if your school was an "A" school in 2014, Download School List with 2014 A-F Letter Grades.)
  2. Proven instructional strategies and curricula that demonstrate high academic outcomes.
  3. Verifiable enrollment demand, including the placement of prospective pupils on waiting lists.
  4. A sound financial plan that contemplates operational costs and future enrollment growth.
  5. A commitment to provide technical assistance, including business services, curriculum development and teacher training, to an underperforming school in the state.


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