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“I’m looking for the best and brightest to commit to teach in Arizona public schools. If you make that commitment, we’ll make this commitment; your education will be paid for, a job will be waiting and you will be free of debt.”  

 – Governor Doug Ducey, 2017 State of the State Address to prospective teachers 

Great teachers are essential to a high-quality public education system. In his 2017 State of the State Address, Governor Doug Ducey put forth multiple action items to tackle our state’s teacher shortage crisis. 

To address overwhelming student debt incurred by Arizona teachers, Governor Doug Ducey called on the Arizona Board of Regents and our public universities and community colleges to create a plan that ensures the next generation of Arizona public school teachers.

In meeting Governor Ducey’s challenge, Arizona’s public universities, along with their community college partners, are proud to launch the Arizona Teachers Academy – a unique and innovative strategy to improve public education in Arizona. As the largest providers of the teacher workforce in the state, Arizona’s three public universities, in coordination with our state’s community colleges, are offering new and expanded programs and incentives to increase the recruitment and retention of Arizona’s topflight teachers.

Graduates of the Arizona Teachers Academy who agree to teach in Arizona will have their tuition and fees waived in exchange for a commitment to teach in an Arizona public school. The Arizona Teachers Academy ensures that the best and brightest students arrive in the classroom prepared to teach and unburdened by educational debt.

Unlike traditional teachers academies tied to a single location, the Arizona Teachers Academy is unique, offering new and expanded programs at each of the three public universities. Each university will concentrate its efforts on specific pathways into the teaching profession – traditional, community-based grow your own and career changers. Additionally, the Arizona Teacher Academy will focus on preparing teacher candidates to meet the needs of Arizona schools that struggle to hire and retain teachers, particularly in low-income and rural areas.

Arizona Teacher Academy

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ASU and NAU offering Teachers Academy at Eastern Arizona College
September 14, 2018

Eastern Arizona College announced it is partnering with ASU and NAU to bring Governor Ducey’s plan for an Arizona Teachers Academy to fruition this year.

Under the Teachers Academy program, any tuition costs not paid by scholarships or grants are waived for academy candidates in exchange for commitment to teach in select Arizona schools.

The Teachers Academy focuses on growing partnerships with local school districts in Arizona. Because students in the program often teach in the communities where they grew up, they bring a special perspective to the classroom and a personal commitment to support local students. (Read More...)

June 15, 2018

The Arizona Teachers Academy, an innovative program created at Arizona’s public universities to bring more teachers to Arizona’s K-12 classrooms, graduated more than 100 students in its inaugural year, with over half accepting teaching positions in Arizona classrooms before graduation and more expected to enter contracts before the beginning of the new school year.

Detailed in the Arizona Teachers Academy first annual report, approved by the Arizona Board of Regents at its meeting today, the academy provides year-for-year scholarship for service program to reward graduates who serve Arizona schools. Academy students, who are committed to serving low-income, high-need districts and tribal schools, graduate with low-to-no costs for their instruction. The report data will be updated to reflect any changes prior to the end of FY 2018. (Read More...)

June 2018

Arizona Teacher Academy

Signed into law on May 12, 2017 and implemented in August 2017, the Arizona Teachers Academy is under continuous development by the Arizona Board of Regents and the universities in collaboration with community colleges and public school partners. Preliminary data for fiscal year 2018 is included in this report and will be updated as final figures become available.

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September 22, 2017

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will launch the Arizona Teachers Academy, an initiative he announced in his 2017 State of the State Address to lift the financial burden of student loan debt off teachers’ shoulders, making it easier for educators to stay in the profession and teach in Arizona public schools. Among other multiple fronts, the governor’s call to the public universities and the community colleges to design the Arizona Teachers Academy was to also address Arizona’s teacher shortage crisis. 

“I’m looking for the best and brightest to commit to teach in Arizona public schools,” said Governor Ducey in his State of the State speech. “If you make that commitment, we’ll make this commitment; your education will be paid for, a job will be waiting and you will be free of debt.  Continue reading...

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Arizona Teacher Academy 

Arizona State University is supporting candidates for the Arizona Teachers Academy with a scholarship to cover year-for-year tuition and fees for their service commitment upon hire and provide newly graduated teachers with networked mentoring support during their first years of teaching. ASU partners with more than 30 K-12 school districts and 600 public, charter and private schools and will leverage these partnerships to recruit candidates, create design labs, and deploy a new workforce of educators.

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Arizona Teacher Academy

As part of the Arizona Teachers Academy, Northern Arizona University will expand its Grow Your Own partnerships with local Arizona schools. These partnerships identify and train future teachers in communities with teacher shortages. The NAU Teacher Internship Preparation Program (TIPP) offers an innovative certificate program, allowing qualified candidates to complete requirements for a teaching certificate while they are serving as the paid teacher-of-record. Individuals with content expertise earn certification while meeting the needs of the schools. NAU participates with Arizona high schools on such initiatives as Educators Rising Arizona to encourage talented young people to consider serving Arizona’s future as educators.

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Arizona Teacher Academy

The University of Arizona offers a one-year masters-level certification program that targets career-changers and those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than education. The new UA Immersive Teacher Academy will focus on teacher shortages in secondary education and mild-moderate special education. Prospective teachers are immersed in schools every day in a year-long program that provides flexibility for individuals working part-time jobs. The UA Immersive Teacher Academy will build on current partnerships between the University of Arizona College of Education and collaborating school districts.

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