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"We know that education happens in a classroom, between a teacher and a student. In my administration, we will honor teachers and the work they do."

 Governor Ducey, January 2015

With a firm belief that, to the greatest extent possible, every dollar should be spent on teachers and classroom instruction, Governor Ducey established the Classrooms First Initiative through executive order in January 2015. The Classrooms First Initiative aims to modernize school finance code, ensuring adequate funding is made available for teachers and classroom instruction. Arizona’s K-12 public school finance code has existed for generations without the comprehensive reform needed to deliver adequate funding for teachers and classroom instruction. As it currently stands, the school finance code has not integrated major substantive changes to Arizona’s public school system, such as charter schools, open enrollment, and other school choice options. The Classrooms First Initiative was established to ensure adequate funding makes its way to classrooms and teachers, resulting in greater student success and a stronger workforce for the State of Arizona.

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