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Education Matters Arizona!

Education Matters Arizona

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Strategic Goals

Governor Ducey is a strong supporter of the Arizona Education Progress Meter, which represents the collaboration of government agencies, non-profits, education, and business groups from around the state. The Progress Meter was created to elevate a set of widely accepted education indicators by which we can measure our state’s P-20 education pipeline. It is a simple, visual way to set education goals, assess the status of education, employ data analytics, celebrate success and achievement, and ultimately to set policy.

The Progress Meter includes eight data metrics:

  1. Preschool Enrollment
  2. 3rd Grade Reading
  3. 8th Grade Math
  4. High School Graduation
  5. College-Going
  6. Opportunity Youth
  7. Post-Secondary Attainment
  8. Teacher Pay 

Strategies for Success

  1. Setting and implementing successful best practices in education policy that foster critical thinking, communication and collaboration.
  2. Creating Arizona standards, assessments and accountability systems that are meaningful.
  3. Recruiting and retaining quality education professionals.
  4. Closing the achievement gap for low-income and minority students.
  5. Providing access and choice to high-quality early learning opportunities.
  6. Promoting rigorous pathways to postsecondary education based on each student’s interests.
  7. Strengthening the alignment of education outcomes to workforce needs.

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