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Personal Belongings

    • There is space in the museum to store these items, but space is limited.
      • Leave any jackets, lunches, drinks, backpacks, and personal belongings on the bus, if possible.


    • We will have staffers on hand to help gude your group from bus-drop off into the building.
    • All choirs will be entering the Capitol Museum through the North doors.
    • All choirs will be performing on the second floor of the Capitol Museum.
    • Additional staffers will be on hand to direct students heading to their performance and exiting following their performance.
    • Please use the correct set of stairs when in the Capitol Museum. The stairs near the men's restroom is designated to go up and the stairs near the women's restroom and the elevator cage are to go down following your performance.
    • All choirs will exit the building through the East doors.
    • Buses will pick up students on 17th avenue, directly East of the Capitol Museum, they may pull into the bus cut-off.

Performance Information

    • All performance time slots start on the hour.
    • Each choir will be given a 45 minute time slot.
    • Please ensure your group is on-time and ready to perform at the beginning of your scheduled time. Due to scheduling constraints, we will be unable to provide late arrivals with additional performance time.
    • All choirs will be performing on the second floor of the Arizona Capitol Museum.
    • Risers will be provided for the choirs. 
    • Please note: For family and friends attending your performance, it is standing room only. For individuals who require seating, there will be bench seating on the second floor, but it is extremely limited.
    • We will provide a piano and A/V equipment (microphone, CD Player)
      • Please bring any necessary adapter cords.
    • If additional equipment is needed, please contact Kristin Sorensen at [email protected] (please indicate the additional equipment on your sign up request if possible).
    • Please bring no more than 2 additional instruments (in addition to the piano) for your group's performance.

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