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Education Budget 2018

Arizona public schools, universities, and teachers are the BIG winners in this year’s budget. 
Under the agreement, public schools will receive $163 million in new funding next year – above the $76 million in inflation and enrollment. 
Combined with the $318 million in Prop 123 money next year, that’s a total of $557 in NEW education spending in FY2018. The difference this will make cannot be overstated. 
The budget also paves the way for a $1 billion investment in Arizona’s public universities. It does this all without raising taxes on hardworking Arizonans. 
The bottom line: We can be fiscally responsible while funding the things that matter the most to our citizens.
Click here to see Governor Ducey's 2017 State of the State.



• $68 million for a permanent 2% teacher pay raise over two years 
• $27 million in ongoing capital investments for universities that will enable over $1 billion in bonding 
• $37.6 million for results-based funding at public schools, half of which is earmarked for teacher raises 
• $20 million over two years for early literacy programs, including full-day kindergarten 
• $80 million for the construction and maintenance of school facilities 
• $7.3 million for IT upgrades to more efficiently make payments to schools at the Department of Education 
• $3 million in matching funds for rural school access to internet connectivity/ broadband generating approximately $100 million in total funds 
• $2.6 million additional funds for small and isolated rural schools 
• $1 million for high school graduates to complete JTED programs 
• $250,000 to expand principal leadership training (Great School, Great Leaders principal leadership academy)
• $250,000 to expand teacher loan forgiveness 
• $100,000 for dropout prevention programs 
$30 million in permanent investments for local transportation infrastructure projects
• $6.6 million to grow Arizona State Parks, including $4 million to build Rockin’ River Ranch 
• $1.2 million to completely eliminate the state’s sexual assault kit backlog
• $220,900 for AHCCCS to combat opioid addiction 
• $1.5 million for a post-release fire crew 
• $517,900 for substance abuse and reentry counselors to reduce recidivism • $6.1 million to upgrade the Department of Child Safety’s outdated electronic management system 
• $2 million for adoption services 
• $1 million to increase funding for kinship caregivers, often known as the “grandma stipend” 
• $2 million for enhanced services at Adult Protective Services 
• $2 million for Arizona’s drought contingency plan
• $1.2 million for additional personnel supporting proper management of the state’s streams and groundwater 
• $269,900 for fire safety communications equipment and a Deputy Fire Marshal 
• $500,000 for a new public health emergency fund 
• $400,000 for court appointed special advocates
Click here to download the FY2018 Budget Overview.


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