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Governor Doug Ducey Releases Back To School Address

August 31, 2015


August 31, 2015

Governor Doug Ducey Releases Back To School Address

PHOENIX – Governor Doug Ducey released his second monthly address through YouTube today, focusing on school funding and back to school.

For the past month, Governor Ducey has been visiting classrooms across the state talking to students and teachers about getting the school year off to a great start.

Listen to Governor Ducey's back to school address, here.

Below is a transcript of Governor Ducey's August address:

Back to school season is an exciting and important time for all Arizona families, because it sets the tone for the rest of the year.

And having quality public schools and teachers is crucial to a successful learning environment.

Over the last several months, I've talked about educational excellence in Arizona ... and how quality, access and choice are key to the future of this state and our economy.

As you're probably aware, I'm proposing a plan to put more than $2 billion into our K-12 system, without raising taxes or touching the state general fund.

These are NEW dollars that give our teachers, principals and students the resources they desperately need.

I've had the opportunity to visit some awesome schools these first few weeks of the academic year, and the teachers and students I meet are so enthusiastic about making this year great.

It goes without saying that we have some truly excellent students and incredibly dedicated teachers here in Arizona.

I am extremely grateful these teachers who have chosen to make Arizona their home and make a difference in the lives of our kids.

I want to thank them for the excellent work they do and encouraging our children to exceed their potential.

I look forward to working with them – and the entire education community – to get more money into our classrooms, to improve results for all Arizona schools and students, and to ensure that every child in Arizona has a shot at an excellent education.

I wish all Arizona teachers, kids and their families a successful school year.


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