Office of Education

Move On When Ready - February 10, 2016


Good afternoon.

Thank you, Sybil. It’s nice to see you again. I appreciate the opportunity to be here as we celebrate a milestone achievement in Arizona education.

Move On When Ready is a five-year success story that’s still being written. And it wouldn’t be possible without the Center for the Future of Arizona – and especially, Dr. Francis and Dr. Coor.

There's no shortage of excellent contributions you’ve made to our state and our students over the years. And Move On When Ready is at the top of the list.


Five years. More than 20 high schools. And 26,000 students statewide that are benefiting from a personalized education – tailored to their needs – and preparing them at the highest level for life after high school.

In fact, I had the pleasure of seeing this in action just a couple days ago, at San Luis High School in Yuma. Ready Now Yuma is an impressive program, and a model for performance-based learning in Arizona.

So I’d be remiss not to commend the Helios Foundation for its support of Ready Now Yuma – as well as the Superintendent of Yuma Union High School, Toni Badone, for her vision of implementing the program district-wide.


Over the past year, I’ve made it a priority to visit as many schools as possible around Arizona – from K to 12, from Flagstaff to Tucson and everything in between. 

Being able to meet with our students – whether it’s a kid who’s just starting to read, or a student who’s weeks away from moving away to college – has been such a great experience.

And something about being at San Luis in Yuma – where you KNOW the students are going to leave school with a wealth of knowledge -- and a Grand Canyon High School Diploma to show for it – is especially rewarding.


And the reason that’s possible is because Arizona has exceptional education leaders -- many who are here today…

… who recognize that mastery of college readiness – NOT seat time – should be the measure of student achievement.

This belief is consistent with my focus as governor. It’s time to do away with a “one-size-fits-all” approach – because we know that’s not the case.

And I’m proud to continue working with CFA, and leaders all over the state, to promote a more personalized learning model that will truly improve student results for ALL Arizonans.


The success of Move On When Ready ALSO depends on the work of folks like Jason Dougal, from the National Center on Education and Economy…

Michael O’Sullivan,

from the Cambridge International Examinations. 

…and everyone else who’s had a hand in creating and sustaining this program. 

And, because our model is based on more than 20 years of research on the education systems of other countries – countries that consistently outpace the United States in student performance –

we can be assured:


When OUR students graduate, they WILL be able and WORTHY to compete for world-class jobs. 

I’m talking about students like Arianda Martinez, a senior at Yuma High School, who earned the Grand Canyon High School Diploma --

and is here with us today.

Arianda plans to study computer science and business in college because she wants to … in her own words…

“specialize in a growing field full of possibilities.”


Also joining us is another stellar Arizona student – High School Junior Logan Seaburg – who attends Highland High School in Gilbert, and earned the top score in the COUNTRY on not one, but THREE Cambridge Exams last spring -- in Chemistry, US History and Literature. 

These are just two examples of the INCREDIBLE students we have here in Arizona. The sky is the limit for Arianda, Logan, and so many like them in our state. And we couldn’t be prouder to have them here.

I can’t think of a program that better aligns with our administration’s mission of creating “Opportunity for All,” expanding educational excellence and promoting educational innovation – than Move On When Ready.


To see what you’ve done for our state in the last 5 years --

-- I’m excited for what’s to come. And I’ll do everything in my power to ensure student-centered education is the standard in Arizona.

Congratulations again to the CFA – Dr. Coor, Dr. Francis and Dr. Burke -- on this milestone anniversary.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you.