Office of Education

Achieve60AZ Press Conference Closing Remarks - September 16, 2016

Thank you again, Franklin Police and Fire High School having us here today. I would also like to thank all of the lawmakers and community leaders who are here. And, of course, a very big thanks to the amazing coalition behind ACHIEVE60AZ.

The ACHIEVE60AZ goal represents a real opportunity to advance our state’s economy by closing the skills gap and linking our education outcomes to industry workforce demand. And while a strong economy impacts us all, let’s not forget that this goal is ALSO about the individual.

As Governor, my job is to create a healthy business climate and ensure that EVERY PERSON wanting to contribute meaningfully to our community and economy be able to do so. For many young people, particularly those from low-income communities and those who are first generation college-bound, the achievement gap between them and their more affluent peers is STAGGERRING. 

I’m committed to working with the Alliance, and the philanthropic community, to close that gap and give all of our young people a fair shot at the American Dream. I’d love ALL Arizonans to embrace our goal. To our parents, grandparents, neighbors and colleagues – please spread the word that a QUALITY EDUCATION MATTERS.

Thanks for joining us today.