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WATCH: KVOA: TUSD Superintendent Calls Governor’s Plan To Give Additional Funding To High-Performing Schools In Low-Income Areas “Visionary"

January 19, 2017


In his recent State of the State address, Governor Doug Ducey promised education funding would be a top priority, and today we’re getting reaction from TUSD’s head of schools. Here’s News 4 Tucson’s Allison Alexandra with that, new At 5:

Kristi you can imagine any parent or teacher or administrator is going to be thrilled when they hear phrases like recognizing and rewarding the work of our teachers and millions in additional K through 12 funding so when we caught up with TUSD superintendent HT Sanchez, he echoed those sentiments:

“I was here when the Governor gave his first State of the State address, and I remember it was focused on more dollars in the classroom. However, at that point in time, it was more of a conversation about taking what was already there and shifting over. So to hear him talk about new dollars and actually see the budget, to see that he’s talking about and additional, I think it’s right around $113 million new dollars into K-12 funding, my response is very positive.”

Sanchez also calls Ducey’s plan to give additional funding to high performing schools in low income areas "visionary."

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