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We Did It: Encouraging New Teachers To Enter The Classroom

May 2, 2017

This week, Governor Ducey signed legislation making it easier for great teachers to get to the front of the classroom by reforming our state’s outdated certification system.

We value the work of teachers in Arizona, and we want the best and brightest individuals to be able to get to the front of the classroom without unnecessary roadblocks standing in their way.

Senate Bill 1042 enshrines into law our trust in principals, school boards, and superintendents by empowering them to make the best hiring decisions for the children in their schools.

Arizona’s education leaders already have vigorous training programs for newly hired teachers outside of the certification process, and we should be empowering those who have a college degree, a fingerprint clearance card, and a proven record of producing results to enter the field of education, not punish them with a one-size-fits-all system that forces them to get a second degree—especially when the schools they’d be working in agree that they’re qualified.

By reforming this outdated certification system, the legislation encourages highly-qualified individuals in Arizona who are dedicated to shaping our children’s futures to enter the field of education—without jumping through bureaucratic hoops.

We’re proudly taking this natural next-step to build on previous legislative efforts recognizing the value of teachers in our classrooms and bringing even more professionals into the teaching ranks.


For more information or assistance, contact Governor Ducey's press office: (602) 542-1342.



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