Office of Education

Helios Education Foundation Groundbreaking - September 27, 2017

Thank you, Vince and good morning, everyone.

Great to be here on this beautiful fall morning with you, Paul, and everyone at Helios Education Foundation along with Mayor Stanton and Chancellor Harper-Marinick for this special occasion.

This is a significant day for both Helios and for public education across our state.

Because this new building is not only a symbol of partnership and collaboration – a core value of the Helios Education Foundation and that of its leaders Vince Roig and Paul Luna.

But also because this will be the birth place for big ideas that will continue to break down barriers to the highest quality education for all Arizona students.

Now of course there is no silver bullet that will address every need we have in our public education system.

And there is no single organization that can reach into every community and neighborhood.

But working together with the brightest minds and talent from within our communities, we can create meaningful and lasting change for our young people and the future of Arizona.

That is the value of public-private partnerships and I know that value first hand.

From my very first days in office, it was made clear to me that when it comes to innovating in education, Arizona’s philanthropic community is leading the charge.

Best practices in early education, literacy, STEM, dropout prevention, teacher professional development, and college and career readiness can all be traced to philanthropic work.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that a number of my new education initiatives are built upon the fertile groundwork that’s been laid by our philanthropic community.

And my office has no greater partner and collaborator than Helios Education Foundation.

Working hand-in-hand with my office, Helios has been instrumental in the development and implementation of several breakthrough efforts that are transforming the landscape in Arizona education:

ACHIEVE60AZ - our effort to get a degree or certificate in the hands of 60 percent of Arizonans by 2030;

Great Schools, Great Leaders - our strategy to put the best possible leaders at the head of Arizona’s schools and

Our College Knowing and Going programs which are helping more Arizonans be the very first in their family’s history to go to college.

Arizona has also partnered with Helios on something special called the K-3 Quality Initiative.

This initiative helps kids struggling with issues during early childhood and is making sure that more Arizona children have the ability to read by third grade.

We know that early literacy is critical for achievement in the classroom early on, just as it’s also a strong predictor of high school graduation and college attendance.

So I am proud to say that we were selected as one of only a handful of states to participate in this opportunity.

Our selection is an indication of confidence in Arizona’s education system and we’re very excited for what it means for our children.

All of the partnerships I described today are examples of how public and private entities are working together to help education be the very best it can be for every kid in our state.

I’m proud of the work we are doing in education and I’m thankful we have such a dedicated partner in Helios as that work continues.

I want to say thank you to Helios Education Foundation for your dedication to providing a bright future for Arizona’s children. And congratulations on this new facility