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ICYMI: Career And Technical Education Leaders Applaud Gov. Ducey’s New Budget Investment

January 18, 2018

Career and technical education leaders around the state praised Gov. Doug Ducey’s new budget proposal that restores funding to the larger school districts to 100 percent of the formula.

During the recession, the 14 Joint Technical Education Districts faced cuts. When those cuts were restored, the large JTEDs like West-MEC that serves schools in western Maricopa County and the Pima JTED in southern Arizona, received funding based on 95.5 percent of the formula. Ducey’s budget plan restores $2 million, giving funding parity to the career and technical education schools.

“It was important that the smaller schools recover first after the state cut funding for the JTEDs,” West-MEC superintendent Greg Donovan said. “But now it is time for all of our schools to have the money restored. The $2 million is a significant increase for us and we appreciate the Governor’s commitment to expanding access to career and technical classes.”

Alan Storm, the superintendent at the Pima JTED, welcomed the restoration of the $2 million in state funds.

“Every dollar counts as we are teaching students to get them ready for the workforce the day after graduation,” Storm said. “This money will bring the latest technology to our classrooms and prepare students for success in careers after school.”

The 14 JTEDs around Arizona provide training and education for students in areas from cosmetology to automotive repair to sports medicine and airplane engine repair. Students learn hands-on both in their high schools and at JTED central campuses. Students are ready after graduation to enter the workforce and obtain needed professional licenses to start a career.

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