Office of Education

20X2020 Teacher Pay Raise Press Conference

In the last three years, we have been able to put $1.7 billion into our public schools.

Given where our budget was when I took office in 2015, this was a substantial amount,
but there’s more needed.

K-12 education is a box that we will never check.

We’ll never stop improving because when it comes to our kids, we must never stop
working for them.

One way we work for our kids is by rewarding our teachers.

Arizona’s economy is growing. And with a growing economy comes more revenue.

I’ve said I’m on the side of the teachers. And I’ve been listening, and we’ve been working.

That is why, today, I am proposing we boost our proposed teacher pay increase to 9
percent this year.

Combined with what we did last year, and our commitment over the next two years, this
will result in a net pay increase from the state of 20 percent by the beginning of school
year 2020.

Now here is how it will work. Last year’s budget combined with this year’s budget will
result in a 10 percent increase combined We are taking the 1 percent in this yea in
teacher pay- in the base, ongoing, inflated.

Next year’s budget will include another 5 percent increase. The year after that will include another 5 percent.

That combined with the pay increase provided last year, means, by the beginning of the
2020 school year, every Arizona teacher will have received a cumulative raise of 20

So what does this mean specifically? Well today, the average teacher pay in Arizona is

If we pass this plan, it will increase to a projected $52,725 by the new school year this fall.

By the beginning of the 2020 school year, the projected average teacher salary will be

Now we know there are other needs in public education. So there will be no shell games.

This investment is in addition to the $371 million in district additional assistance which will
provide flexible funding for Arizona school’s most pressing needs: fixing school
infrastructure, modernizing curriculum, school buses and updating classroom

We can do this and do it in a responsible and sustainable way.

In the days ahead, I’ll be working with legislative leadership on passing a final budget.
As a result of Arizona’s thriving economy, and a record population of 7 million plus
residents, the state’s revenues are on the rise.

Combined with a reduction in state government operating budgets through strategic
efficiencies, caseload savings, and a rollback of some governor’s office proposals
included in the Fiscal Year19 Executive Budget, more dollars are available to invest into
two of Arizona’s most important priorities: Arizona teachers and Arizona classrooms.

The budget process is coming to a close, and I hope everyone had a good Spring Break,
because it’s going to be a long weekend. And we‘re going to be working through the

I believe the Legislature is in line with that, and I know we can get this done.
We’ve done big things before, and with the help of everyone here.

And I want to thank all the people that are here and that have combined and contributed
to this plan, including our teachers, our superintendents, our educational champions and
legislators and legislative leadership.

So let’s get this done. Thank you.