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Tucson Local Media: Marana Unified School District Announces Widespread Salary Increases

May 21, 2018

On Thursday, May 17 the Governing Board of the Marana Unified School District voted to distribute the additional allocated funds provided by the recent Education Bill towards salary increases for educators and staff. Effective July 1, 2018 the following will take effect in the Marana Unified School District:

  • 10 percent base salary increase to all certified employees and added to the corresponding salary schedules (classroom teacher, counselors, librarians, Speech Language Pathologists).
  • 10 percent base salary increase to all support staff employees and added to the corresponding support employee pay schedule
  • 9 percent base salary increase to employee groups (administrators, managers, facilitators, coordinators, nurses, social workers, Behavioral Specialist).

The increase funding to the base support level combined with the increase for inflation will infuse $4.4 million in additional education funding to the Maran district for the 2018-19 fiscal year. In addition, the Marana district will receive $1.23 million in the form of capital dollars. All of this funding, except for $100,000 of capital dollars, will be used for employee salary increases.

“While it has been the greatest privilege to work in public education for the last 37 years, this particular year has seen unprecedented change for education in Arizona,” said Dr. Doug Wilson, Superintendent of the Marana Unified School District, in a release. “For the first time in my ten years as superintendent, the Governing Board will receive resources from the state to award meaningful raises for all employees. This is possible because of the voices of so many educators and staff that were heard, for the first time in many years by our political leadership in Phoenix. I believe the ability to influence the future through education is one of the noblest professions there is and should be rewarded and valued. Every employee in the District makes a difference and changes lives every day. I am extremely proud of the educators, staff, and administrators of MUSD and the strong culture that has been established over the years with the Governing Board, Marana Education Association and the Marana Education Support Professionals.”

Sandy Faulk, Twin Peaks Elementary teacher and President of Marana Education Association. said that over the past couple of months, educators and staff have "changed the landscape of public education for all of the students that we have now and all that we will have in the future."

“I am proud to be a part of the Marana Unified School District and proud to lead Marana Education Association," she said. "The MUSD Governing Board and District Leadership stand strong for educators and staff, for students, and for our schools. Their belief and support in us empowers us to be the best we can be for our students and families. We take great pride in the strong relationship that exists between us as we continue to work together for our students and their future.”

Heather Johnson, MUSD support staff and President of Marana Education Support Professional said that the success of Marana Unified School District is built on the efforts of all its employees, including teachers, administrators and support staff, its parents and community members, and "the strong partnership that exists with the Governing Board and Senior Leadership."

"We’ve come through a year filled with both challenges and victories," Johnson said. "Even though support staff jobs did not fall under the “teacher” label for the state proposed 9 percent raise, our Governing Board and leadership acknowledge the hard work that support staff do daily for our students in Marana and genuinely appreciates the valuable contributions support staff bring to the school district.”


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