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Proposition 301

On March 26, 2018, Governor Ducey was joined in his office by former Arizona Governor Jane Hull and both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, to sign SB 1390, bipartisan legislation to extend Prop 301 for another 20 years. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Kate Brophy-McGee and Representative Doug Coleman, protects a $667 million a year funding stream to Arizona schools.

Prop 301 is a voter-approved initiative passed in 2000 and championed by then Governor Hull. It provides million of dollars annually in education funding. It was set to expire in 2021, and this legislation extends it to 2041, providing certainty to Arizona schools.

“Nearly 20 years ago, Governor Hull and Arizona voters passed Proposition 301. Today, elected leaders have worked together, in a bipartisan fashion, to keep this funding stream alive for our schools, teachers and students,” said Governor Ducey. “Thank you to all of the education champions, legislative leadership, and especially Representative Doug Coleman and Senator Kate Brophy-McGee for their hard work on getting this through the legislature. Thank you also to leaders in the education and business communities for their advocacy and support. I am proud to sign this bill and take Prop 301 20 more years into the future.” 

Read statements of support for Proposition 301 from education leaders, school superintendents, business leaders and legislators here.


JLBC's Proposition 301 Overview, Education Subcommittee
February 14, 2018





On February 14, 2018, the Arizona's Joint Legislative Budget Committee released an overview on Proposition 301. To access the presentation, click here.

Proposition 301

Proposition 301




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Arizona Support for Proposition 301

Dr. Camille Casteel, Chandler Unified School District Superintendent 
"I’m very encouraged by Governor @dougducey & Arizona Legislature’s bipartisan efforts to renew Prop. 301 funding and avoid the impending financial cliff for schools." (LINK)

Dr. Paul Tighe, Saddle Mountain Unified School District Superintendent
"Today the Legislature passed SB1390 and sent it to the Governor.  This essentially renews Proposition 301 for another 20 years, protecting nearly $6,000 per teacher per year in compensation for AZ teachers!" (LINK)

Dr. Perry Berry, Queen Creek Unified School District Superintendent
"A big win for AZ public schools came today when the Legislature and Gov Ducey @dougducey passed the extension of Prop 301 for another 20 years! Thank you Rep Coleman @douglas_coleman, Sen McGee @KateMcGeeAZ and ALL the leaders who made this happen..a step in the right direction!" (LINK)

Dr. Sally Downey, East Valley Institute of Technology Superintendent 
"Thank you #Arizona Legislature and Gov @dougducey for your efforts to renew Prop 301! #AZ #azleg" (LINK)

Dr. Kristi Sandvik, Buckeye Elementary School District Superintendent
"Thank you to Doug Coleman and Kate Brophy McGee for hard work on addressing the funding cliff on prop 301!" (LINK)

Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas
“I am excited that the Legislature agreed to extend Prop 301 sooner rather than later in order to avoid the looming fiscal cliff,” Superintendent Douglas said. “Since schools throughout the state rely so heavily on Prop 301 revenues, the funding is essentially baked into their respective budgets. Now that this extension has been passed, I am committed more than ever to increasing teacher salaries and finding new revenue streams for education as quickly as possible.” (LINK)

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
"Thank you, Governor, for your continued leadership and support of education. We appreciate your steadfast commitment to ensuring our students are top priority! Thank you for making #Arizona stronger. #Prop301" (LINK)

Arizona Technology Council
Thank you @douglas_coleman, @kateMcgeeAZ, + @dougducey for your leadership in protecting the future of Arizona’s children and helping to pass #Prop301! (LINK)

A For Arizona 
"Bravo to #Arizona lawmakers & Governor @dougducey for taking swift bipartisan action today to secure on-going resources for our public schools! By passing an extension of #Prop301, they have provided greater certainty for K-12 funding & set the stage for the future." (LINK)

President Eileen Klein, President, Arizona Board of Regents
“The Arizona Legislature’s passage of Prop. 301 today signals good news for education in Arizona, ensuring dedicated revenues for public education and the teachers who prepare students for college and career. Prop. 301 also provides critical funding for technology and research initiatives at Arizona’s public universities. In 2017, TRIF revenues yielded a nearly four-to-one investment on dollars received from the state, leading to improvements in healthcare; solutions for water, environmental and energy challenges; advancements in national security systems; and workforce development.

We applaud our Legislature for ensuring the renewal of Prop. 301, the bipartisan collaboration and the leadership of Gov. Ducey, Sen. Brophy McGee and Rep. Coleman. With the renewal of these funds, Arizona educational institutions from K-12 to our public universities are able to continue utilizing these critical dollars for the continued success of our students and our state.” (LINK)

Arizona School Administrators 
"Thanks AZ legislators for passing SB1390 & HB2158 renewing Prop 301 $ for teachers. @AzSBA @dougducey @KateMcGeeAZ" (LINK)

Helios Education Foundation
"Renewing Prop. 301 is an important first step - thank you @KateMcGeeAZ, @douglas_coleman, @dougducey, @AZHouseDems, @AZHouseGOP, @AZSenateDems, @AZSenateGOP - and all the amazing public school advocates." (LINK)


SB 1390
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